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Reception operating hours

8am to 6pm Monday to Friday

Things you need to know

  • A GP referral is mandatory; this will allow a Medicare rebate.
  • Appointments are not covered by health funds.
  • Fees to be discussed with secretary prior to appointment.
  • A cancellation fee will apply if less than 24 hour’s notice is given for cancelling an appointment.
  • You will need to bring all previous reports, x-rays, etc. to your first appointment
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment.

In case of emergency

Wesley Hospital Consulting Rooms Kogarah does not provide emergency mental health services. If you, or someone you care about, are suicidal, or otherwise acutely mentally unwell, ring an ambulance or attend your nearest emergency department.

If you are a current patient at the consulting rooms and have a psychiatric emergency you are advised to ring the rooms or follow any other instructions provided by your treating professional. After hours, when the rooms are closed, if you believe the situation is urgent we recommend the following options:

  • Call an ambulance on 000
  • Visit the nearest Emergency Department
  • Ring your local mental health crisis team:
  • Sutherland Acute Care Team: 9540 7831 or St George Acute Care Team: 95532595

In case you cancel your consultation

Whilst we are committed to maintaining your privacy and confidentiality, your health and safety are our top priority. Should you cancel your initial or follow up consultation, or fail to attend your scheduled appointment and do not make an alternative booking, you may be asked by a member of our staff about the reason for your cancellation or non-attendance. If your psychiatrist or psychologist is concerned about your health, your referring general practitioner or your local acute care mental health team may be notified about your non-attendance so that alternative follow up arrangements can be organised.


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